The story.

Years ago my dad came home with
something spectacular: a Palm organiser.
Given I was ten years-old at the time,
I was a little excited.
It could do so many different things,
had one of those cool touch screens and
was way smaller than our desktop PC.

It was the coolest thing ever.

I realise now that that might have been
one of the key moments that helped me
realise what I wanted to do when I grew
up. Making Cool Things, things just like
that PDA.

I translated that idea to a Bachelor’s
degree in Industrial Design Engineering at
the Delft University of Technology. There I
learned about everything there is to mass
market products: the mechanics,
ergonomics, material science, aesthetics
etc.. But while I was learning all that, I
started to realise something else…

By that time, the thing I used for the same
kind of jobs was one of Google’s
web-solutions. And although that was a
step up from the Palm in terms of
technology, as far as I recall, switching to
it wasn’t quite the spectacle. My realisation
was that maybe it wasn’t just the object
that I fell for. Even if I were to make the
ultimate, most perfect product it would not
mean it’s the coolest and most successful.
The best Japanese Quartz would still lack
that something an original Patek Philippe
has, the perfect Chinese LED-TV can still
somehow lose out to a Bang & Olufsen.

A product is a part of a bigger story.

That made Making Cool Things become
way more complicated. I needed to learn
about creating that bigger story, about
shaping the whole of what the human
gets to experience. For that reason, I
started reading up on UX/UI design
and started building websites, meanwhile I
looked for graduate degrees and found the
Strategic Design and Management MS
program at Parsons in New York. A degree
with a contemporary perspective on
business and (product) innovation, that
emphasized talking to customers over cold
numbers and excel predictions.

The sum of all this is what I stand for.

A multi-facetted human-centred way of approaching the world’s challenges.

To ultimately Make the Coolest Things.



Parsons School of Design
MSc Strategic Design & Management 

(August 2015 – Present)

A master’s degree about combining business with design thinking, during the program initiating, implementing and participating in real-life projects with partners in creative industries and design consultancies.


Danish University of Technology
MSc Design Innovation (Minor) 

(August 2014 – January 2015)

Six months spent as an exchange student at DTU, courses in Conceptualisation, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Design, Strategic Management and a joint DTU & Copenhagen Business School course in Commercialisation of high-tech concepts.


Delft University of Technology
BSc Industrial Design Engineering 

(August 2012 – June 2015)

A broad bachelor’s degree, focussed on six subjects: sustainability, marketing, consumer behaviour, product design, ergonomics and engineering.


(August 2014 – Present)
Leading a small business, strategy planning for a webplatform connecting people with broken products to their handyman neighbors I co founded and executed marketing campaign featured in national media for.


PETS DELI Roseneck GmbH
Business Development

(May 2016 – August 2016)
Creating and implementing strategies to improve and grow the business at one of Germany’s 20 most promising start-ups. Bettered understanding of international markets, created and executed marketing strategies for both the Netherlands and France, improved product, packaging and overall customer experience.


Connect Social Business
Social Media Content Designer

(April 2014 – July 2014)
Performing customer research and applying that for marketing purposes on social media platforms of (inter)national companies, published content to strengthen businesses’ social media presence.


Vodafone Netherlands
In-Store Customer Service

(September 2013 – March 2014)
Providing customer service and occasionally sales in one of the biggest Vodafone stores in the country, helped improve store customer satisfaction rating.

Customer Service

(January 2010 – August 2012)
Providing online and over-the-phone customer support and helping generate and evaluate new ideas for a small online education-services business, increased customer retention rate and helped grow the company.